About Us

Wedding Certificate Translation is a subsidiary company of Translation Empire. Translation Empire aims to provide first class translation service to our existing and new clients. We were established in 2001 and the volume of work we handle for private and public sector has since grown dramatically. On average for written translation project s we translate between 900,000 to one million words a month.

We have our own in-house translators; multi-lingual designers and a partnership with a network of fully equipped studios for voice over work. Translation Empire has a network of 5,000 + translators in the UK and an additional 10,000+ translators based around the globe, that have extensive experience in translating documents for Communities worldwide.

Our company directors and managers have over 30 years combined experience in document translation services and we have grown to become a well-established market leader in the provision of professional language services. We liaise with Local Government, NHS organisations, legal services, and almost every nationally based public sector body. At Marriage Certificate Translation we strive to provide and expert, professional, and personal service to all of our clients, enabling your company to save time and money, and focus its resources on its core activities.

We are easy to contact and have offices in Greater London, Birmingham, Manchester and Scotland. All processes at Marriage Certificate Translation adhere to ISO 9001, by far the world’s most established quality framework for the provision of business services.